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The BBQ air blower is made of plastic body and metal air outlet which is lightweight and easy to carry. suitable size, convenient to use.Insert the handle into the hole on the blower side and turn the handle manually to create the wind, increase firepower for bbq use.please follow the arrow directions to crank the blower, do not reverse operation.The manual fan air blower effective accelerate the charcoal burning,it offers much convenience to make a fire for charcoal grill, bbq, campfire and fireplace, great for outdoor barbecue and picnic.Insert the metal air outlet into the front of the blower body, prevent plastic casing from burnning black, safer to use.Application – a great tool for fireplaces, fire pits, bbqs, smokers and camping.this is the best choice for friends and family to bbq and fry food.

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  • Sevendi BBQ Tool Barbecue Hand Fan Bower: Easy use to during cooking food The BBQ Fan is a great tool for fanning a BBQ flame.
  • It forces air directly onto just lit or already burning coals, It gets flames going in no time.
  • It also stops dust and sparks, allowing the food to grill to perfection.
  • The quality of food increases with the usage of the BBQ Fan.
  • This is a convenient and essential accessory for the barbecue maker 
  • Just turn the handle and the internal turbine cranks out a concentrated stream of air.
  • Once you start using it, you will be unable to imagine Barbecuing without it.
  • Material: Plastic; Weight: 170gms
  • Color: As shown in pictures;
  • Size: About 25.5cm;
  • Package Included: PCs Barbecue Hand Blower


:: Features ::

  • Hand powered Barbecue Air Blower Just turn the handle and the internal turbine forces out a concentrated stream of air onto already lit fire and get flames going in no time.
  • Very unique and functional, Quickly heats up bbq fires, briquettes, coals and wood.
  • Package Included: PCs Barbecue Hand Blower 
  • Controls dust and sparks and allows your food to grill to perfection, Once you start using it you will be addicted to barbecuing




Additional information

Weight 137 g
Dimensions 24.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm


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