1 Drainage stand holder for soap
2 Drainage stand holder for soap
3 Drainage stand holder for soap
4 Drainage stand holder for soap
5 Drainage stand holder for soap
6 Drainage stand holder for soap



Creative Shape:The box adopts the leaf shape hollow design, fresh color, not only soap dish, but also decoration, adding cute elements to your bathroom, bringing you sweet every day.

Strong Stability:With suction cup at the bottom, it will not slide easily. No more slippery and melting soap keeping it steady, dry & accessible!

Lasts Soooo Much Longer:Water totally drips off of the bar and you get more life out of your bar of soap without getting soggy and mushy, no more soap scum to scrub. They help extend the life of your bars by keeping them dry and allowing them to breathe.

High-quality Materials:Thickened PP plastic, compared to ordinary plastic, has a certain degree of softness, more durable, resistant to falling, longer service life.

The middle triangle can transfer water, allowing water to flow directly into the sink, while preventing the impregnation of the soap, keeping the soap dry and clean for the next use.



Strong adsorption:
The suction cup at the bottom of the soap dish holder has a strong adsorption force and is firm and stable. There is no need to worry about the box falling or slipping off easily, which will bring you a good experience.

Quick drainage:
The leaf soap dish holder is inclined and drains quickly, and the shunt design ensures that water stains will not splash. More importantly, it does not accumulate water and prolongs the service life of soap.

Easy to disassemble:
The chassis and the soap dish holder are easy to separate, convenient and quick to clean, and keep the soap dry and stable.
No more slippery and melting soap!

Say goodbye to messy:
The soap dish holder helps you to properly organize soaps, sponges, and brushes, and prevents the dreadful mess caused by soaking in your sink.

Multi-purpose Use:
One size fits various soaps.
It can also place rag, soap, sponge, brush, or other small items, easily stored.
Suitable for shower, bathroom, bathtub, countertop, kitchen and so on.
It is not only a soap dish holder, but also an ornament.


  • Product : Soap Stand 
  • Material : Plastic 
  • Size : Medium
  • Colour : Multi 

Package Included:

  • 1*Soap Stand

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 10 cm


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